Efflorescence on Paving

Efflorescence is a natural phenomenon that occurs on concrete block paving. It appears as dusty white patches which can be random or spread over entire surfaces. It is important to note that efflorescence has no detrimental effect on your paving and it will fade and disappear completely over time without any effort on your part.
What causes efflorescence?
There is a lot of science behind the phenomenon but a simple description is that all cement products contain lime which is water-soluble. Paving blocks are porous and when water enters these tiny holes it dissolves some of the lime (calcium dioxide) to form calcium hydroxide. When the surface of the paving block dries out it allows the calcium hydroxide to rise to the surface where it reacts to the carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate – the dusty white phenomenon known as efflorescence.
Efflorescence removed by a pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or chemical cleaning will continue to resurface until the chemical process slows down or stops completely.
We recommend that you allow time to naturally deal with the efflorescence on your paving


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